three things for a quiet, gray Saturday morning


It’s a quiet, gray Saturday morning here, which is not a bad thing, not at all. It’s a day for curling up and reading. Maybe I’ll see if I can remember how to knit. As we get closer to the arrival of the twins (less than 19 weeks now), these quiet mornings get even more precious.

Three things I’ve enjoyed lately that you might enjoy, too:

This is Martin Bonner is one of the best little films I’ve seen in long time. It’s the story of two middle-aged men rebuilding their lives after failure. It’s also an exploration of friendship, faith, and mercy. It was made by several of our friends, but lest you think I’m grading on a curve, this New Yorker review captures the movie well. It’s available on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon, and it’s slowly coming to theaters around the country. If you’re in Tacoma, it’s showing at The Grand on Tuesday, 9/17.



I just finished this book by Christian Wiman. It’s stunning. The cover says “meditations of a modern believer,” but I don’t think you need to be a Christian for this book to move you. This is one of those that is worth your time if you’re a person. It’s a compilation of reflections Wiman has written over the last seven years as he has lived with an incurable, unpredictable cancer. It is a meditation on the “ongoing delights and demolitions of daily life.” It is water from a rock.


Then, yesterday, I listened to this interview with Nadia Bolz-Weber, a far-from-conventional Lutheran pastor in Denver. It’s funny and sweet and strong. And now I have to add her memoir to my reading list.


What have you been reading and hearing and watching lately?

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One Response to three things for a quiet, gray Saturday morning

  1. Linda Gaines says:

    Just finished Alexander McCall smith’s “Trains and Lovers” how we can tell stories to strangers and see love lived out in so many ways.
    Watched again “A River Runs through It” wonderful film on family, fishing and Presbyterianism.

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