sire of sorrow

Last week rather than a traditional sermon we had a dialogue between Job and his friends. Job’s friends show up and try to offer comfort and explanations for why he’s suffering. We’ve all been there–both as the friend, and as the one hurting. Job doesn’t find any of their “answers” satisfactory, though, and continues to cry out for God to come near. You can hear the actual dialogue from worship here. This portion of the service starts at 7:20. The dialogue is adapted from Job 3-27.

Another rendition of this same dialogue is Joni Mitchell’s song The Sire of Sorrow. This video is accompanied by paintings by Peter Gullerud.

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2 Responses to sire of sorrow

  1. Judy H says:

    Brilliant connection with Joni’s Sire of Sorrow, Sarah. Wow. Job, Joni and Gullerud. How good does it get?

  2. elderdeacon says:

    This was such a good combination of song and art with which to study the Book of Job. I’ve also learned a lot re-reading MacLeish’s play J.B.

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