an honest prayer

Writing a prayer that is honest–honest about our situation and honest about God–is no easy thing.  Scott Black Johnston started this blog when he came to pastor Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City.  He writes that as a pastor in New York he is in search of “‘sharp’ prayers; prayers that have a bit of an edge to them; prayers that are honest, lyrical, playful and radically expectant.”

His prayer from a couple of weeks ago is just such a prayer.  At one point he prays,

This morning, we are tempted to come and rap at the door of heaven.
We are tempted to ring the bell and ring the bell;
until you open the gate, and step out, and look us in the eye.

“Explain yourself, God,” we would ask.

There’s more, and it’s all just as honest.  Go read it. May it be your prayer as well.

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One Response to an honest prayer

  1. Scott Black Johnston says:


    Thanks for the good word! I like your blog a lot. Keep it up.



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