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blessed be the tie that binds

There are so very many things they don’t teach you in seminary.  I’m embarrassed to even begin this post that way.  It’s the truth, though.  And the accompanying truth, like so much of life, is they couldn’t possibly teach you … Continue reading

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an honest prayer

Writing a prayer that is honest–honest about our situation and honest about God–is no easy thing.  Scott Black Johnston started this blog when he came to pastor Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City.  He writes that as a … Continue reading

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a picture’s worth…

This covers at least a third (two thirds?) of the sermon I posted yesterday: by David Hayward We’re all living with God in a box, aren’t we?  Check out more of David’s work over at his website nakedpastor.  Great stuff.

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How do I get faith?

The text for this week was the longest lectionary text we have all year.  It was the ninth chapter of John in its entirety.  You can read the full thing here.  A (rough) synopsis would go something like this: Jesus encounters … Continue reading

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