We’re solidly into Lent now.  And it’s always about this time that I start looking around and wondering if I picked a good enough discipline, or if maybe I should add something else, or abandon the whole Lent thing entirely.  It’s for all these reasons, of course, that our Lenten practices and disciplines are just that.  They are practice; they ask for discipline.

I’m not particularly gifted at either of those things.  Disciplined practice has been hard for me since I was a little girl and completely hated practicing piano.  But without it, we don’t get very far, and the only way we get better is, yep, more practice.  So for the forty days of Lent we all practice together.  If you, like me, are casting about for some resources at this point, I offer just a couple of simple possibilities.

d365 is a fantastic daily devotion put together by several protestant denominations.  It’s short, easy, and solid.

I put together a set of daily devotions from writings by members of my congregation.  I’m totally biased, but I think it’s the best thing you could possibly use.  You can even have them emailed to you every day.

Then, for something totally different, I’d suggest reading An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor.  If you’re worn out by practice, if your faith feels stale, if it all feels like empty ritual, take a break with this beautiful book.  She has a completely fresh perspective on the spiritual practices that will form our faith.  Enjoy.

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