I’m not very good at waiting.  I get impatient easily.  If I’m waiting for something good to happen, my mind begins to create all kinds of crazy scenarios.  This good thing will never happen because… in fact, instead of a good thing happening, it will be a terrible, terrible thing instead… I probably should just quit waiting and go do something else even though that will not be as good as what I’m waiting on… but if I go do something else and then this good thing I’m waiting on actually happens, well, what will I do then?  And before I know it I’m in crazy town.  And waiting on people brings out even worse sides of my personality.

Advent is the time of waiting, though.  Maybe kids understand this better than any of us.  With all of the hoping and wishing and praying that Christmas will come, they certainly get the visceral experience of waiting.

How do we begin to see waiting as an opportunity for our faith to deepen?  How do we begin to cherish these days of waiting, sink into them and let them pass slowly?  How do we hallow our feelings of impatience?  I don’t know.  But in the meantime, I’m praying this prayer a lot, and hoping I learn something along the way.

God, so much of faith is waiting
like a pregnant woman waiting in hope
like a people under siege, holding out till relief comes
like the soul lost in darkness,
unable to see even a glimmer of light
yet stumbling through the night because somewhere,
out ahead, day will surely break.
God, be with us in our waiting.

by Kathy Galloway
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