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This is what I’ve spent every single free minute of the last three days on:






I have loved every bit of these three books.  I don’t want to spoil them for you.  So I won’t say too much.  But I have to say something.  I loved how dark they were.  The story is dystopian, and it doesn’t shy away from the horrors of state sponsored violence used to intimidate most of society while entertaining a small sector.   At times the books were truly terrifying.  They deal with the indignities of poverty, the fear of starvation, and the superficial banality of modern wealthy life.

But these books aren’t scolds, far from it.  They are first and foremost just really, really good stories.  I fell in love with Katniss Everdeen, our hero, in the first few pages and from that point on, couldn’t put the books down.

There’s definitely stuff in here that could make its way into a theological reflection–there’s love and unexpected grace and feelings of sinfulness and guilt and redemption.  But for now, I’m still just letting them rattle around in my head, wishing I could share just one more adventure with these characters.  Go buy them, or borrow them, or even steal them if you have to.  Enjoy friends.

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