blank page syndrome

It’s always the first line that’s the hardest, isn’t it?  There.  That wasn’t so bad.  This is a place to reflect, to laugh, to give thanks–to reflect on the practice of ministry in the church but even more so outside of it, to laugh at the absurdity of faith in our world the way the woman I am named after once did, to give thanks for friends and strangers and angels we entertain unaware.  Frederick Buechner notes that one of the few religious words which has not lost its umph is grace.  Grace comes to us without our ever deserving it.  Grace is the jaw-dropping holy shit of a sunset after a horrible day; it is the wonder of finding food on your table, or even just finding that you have a table; it is discovering that things are so much better than you could have planned or not nearly as bad as you had feared; it is that split second of sight in a life of blindness.  This is a place to say grace.

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